What is Social Anxiety and How Do We Treat It?

A great interview with Stefan G. Hofmann, the director of the Social Anxiety Program at Boston University, which is one of the premier treatment and research centers for social anxiety in the world.

What Is Social Anxiety?


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Go to Sleep Only When You Are Sleepy, Get up at The Same Time Every Morning

This is one of the fundamental rules of managing insomnia, and this article does a nice job of explaining why. There’s also some great information on why adolescents really do need adequate sleep.

The science of sleeping in, and why you probably shouldn’t


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Learning Effective More Effective Ways to Resolve Conflict with Adolescents

While I often take issue with psychology articles in The Times due to lack of any evidence to back up the author’s claims, this article is really great (although I don’t love the title). Not only do we learn that certain conflict styles can indicate depression or other psychological problems, we also get some ideas about how to more effectively interact with adolescents when there is conflict. The key here is validation – a skill that many young people lack because they are not yet able to take the perspective of another person (in this case, a parent’s). Parents can model this behavior, though, by validating their son’s or daughter’s experience and also sharing their own experience. This is one of the fundamental skills that I work with young people to develop, and very often with parents and other adults as well.

The Best Way to Fight With a Teenager


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The Challenge of Choosing Effective Residential Treatment

Anyone who has tried to find residential treatment for themselves or a loved one knows the challenge of finding centers that provide evidence-based treatment with solid results. While this article specifically addresses treatment centers for eating disorders, many if not all of the issues are the same no matter what the treatment focus of any particular residential treatment program. It is always useful to consult with a professional who can act as a guide to navigate the challenge of finding the best fit for your needs.

Centers to Treat Eating Disorders Are Growing, and Raising Concerns


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Using Research to Inform Substance Use Treatment

The vast majority of substance abuse treatment uses no research to vet techniques and relies on antiquated notions of addiction to guide interventions. This is a fantastic article that describes newer, empirically supported methods like motivational interviewing and harm reduction, to help those struggling with addiction.

For Mark Willenbring, Substance Abuse Treatment Begins With Research


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Predicting Bipolar Disorder in At-Risk Youth

I often speak with parents who are wondering if their children may have Bipolar Disorder. One of my areas of expertise is in diagnosing and treating this illness when it presents in young people and adolescents. While such a diagnosis can be understandably distressing to parents and children, research clearly shows that early intervention and treatment vastly improves outcomes over the long-term.

Here is a really helpful article from the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy website outlining warning signs, symptoms and treatment.

Bipolar Disorder in Children & Adolescents



A very important article suggesting we can asses the risk of developing bipolar disorder in children who have parents with the illness by looking for a few key symptom types. It often takes many years to accurately diagnose and treat bipolar disorder and early treatment increases the likelihood of better outcomes.

Symptoms Outdo Diagnoses in Predicting Bipolar Disorder in At-Risk Youth


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